Corporate Website Development Strategy

There are many avenues for a business to take when considering the most profitable return on their investment on their marketing dollar. Today’s market calls for forward thinking companies to step back and analyze what is working and what is not. A major part of building a successful long term business presence includes implementing a corporate website development strategy.

Most companies already have a company website and often they have spent a good amount of resources on the development. The challenge they face is, more than likely they had a website development company or traditional marketing company create this presence. Typically those types of companies do not have an in depth understanding of how to create a successful asset online.

A good Corporate Website Development strategy is much more than just building a website to look good and match the brand. Proper development includes identifying the end goal of the presence online and then putting in place different components that will create an asset for the business. An asset is simply defined as a portion of the business that is responsible for generating income. In relation to corporate website development, this becomes an asset when on its own it is generating more leads, more sales and more profits for the business.

Key Ingredients

1. Identify the right company to develop your website and strategy – This is critical, for long term growth and success of your business you want to partner with a firm who has specific knowledge and understanding on how to leverage new media integration. Ideally, you want a firm who has internet marketers as key principles.

2. Know your market – you must fully understand your market online. This is completely different from your offline strategies and must be focused on to develop the right strategy. In depth keyword and niche research will reveal the opportunities you are missing and expose what you can do to successfully position yourself in front of your market.

3. Know your competition – before you go to “war” you must intimately know and understand what your competition is doing. A comprehensive competitive analysis revealing how they are ranking in your niche is a critical component to a successful corporate website development strategy.

4. Know your outcome – you must lead your visitor down a pre-designed specific path based upon your outcome. Your website should include prominent call’s to action, specific points of adding value and clear objectives to inspire direct response.

Remember, as you lay out your corporate website development strategy, that this presence online will either be an asset or not. Those who spend the time, energy and resources to do this right will develop and asset that continues to pay for years to come.