Creativity And Innovation Are Indispensable Ingredients In Human Development Strategies

The creativity and the innovation are indispensable vital ingredients required in the sustainable growth of both business development and management companies.

As a direct consequence of the speedy globalization of every facet of the affairs relevant to the economic and business development, creativity and innovation have been identified as two most powerful tools in resolving negative issues that might affect business development and management companies in existence world wide.

On flash back to the origin of human race since the era of hunter gatherers, creativity and innovation inherent in human beings have helped them for their survival amidst numerous challenges caused by the inclement weather patterns and ferocious animals they had to share in the wilderness. Similarly some primitive groups of human beings existed in the prehistoric eras miserably failed to survive for lack of creativity and innovation.

This has become a truism having universal ramifications applicable even in the scenarios of failed states and successful states in the world today. Some countries in the world have emerged as economic giants while certain other countries have lagged behind. The secrets of the success stories of the economic giants could be attributed to the human development strategies of those countries successfully achieved through creativity and innovation.

Industrial Revolution originated in Great Britain was an instance of transformation from agricultural to an industrial nation and this shift was primarily due to the creative and innovative ideas of the business magnates existed in Great Britain during the industrial era.

All those countries who embraced industries as the ultimate solution for economic development gradually identified that creativity and innovation as vital ingredients for human development.

Today human development is considered as the strongest pillar on which rests the business development and the survival, growth and the expansion of management companies and the business ventures.

Industrial giants which have already invaded the global economy such as Microsoft,Samsung Electronics, Apple, Royal Dutch Shell Co. Automobile Industrial Magnates such as General Motors, have reached the zenith of relevant spheres due to human development strategies fuelled by creativity and innovation.

It is of paramount importance to identify both the negative factors having detrimental effect on creativity and innovation and the positive factors promoting creativity and innovation by the HR Managers if they are dedicated towards the human resources development of their business ventures.

The human resources managers employed in any business venture should pay much attention on the vital strategies required to promote creativity and innovation in a company rather than on mundane affairs like payroll activities and policies.

Innovation is not confined only to do research on high -tech methods but to explore diversity of opportunities and to seek numerous avenues to obtain ideas. opinions, suggestions as well as criticisms in addition to team work.

Historical annals on world’s leading inventors reveal that they had employed teams of talented people having creative and innovative ideas on relevant fields. Collaboration of all employees from down to top irrespective of the social strata or the position they enjoy can be considered as a prerequisite for human resources development.

If you do research in order to investigate the issues that retards the growth of any business or an industry, through interviews you are sure to obtain from even minor employees, the reasons affecting the growth or the downward trend.

Thus it is of vital importance to obtain the innovative ideas even from the minor employees to improve the business development and management companies. Congenial atmosphere should be created in business ventures to promote creativity and innovation.Today it has become the trend to obtain external opinions and ideas relevant to creativity and innovation from all and sundry for human resource development.

Similarly it is a crucial factor to recruit employees having the expertise on the relevant fields and to provide them extra incentives to retain them in the company.

In the highly competitive global business sectors, the growth and survival of business development depends only on cutting-edge human resources strategies.

Bottom up management create congenial atmosphere in promoting creativity and innovation and in addition the feeling of ownership of all the employees in the long run pave the way for the upward trend and the growth of every facet of the business development and the management companies.